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Shipping takes 7 to 10 business days and for custom orders (Swarovski crystal collection, wigs and hair bundles) can take 14 to 30 days. We will always keep you updated!
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☆☆This beautiful texture of our Raw Cambodian hair is coarse and thick and will blend with relaxed or natural hair straightened.  Cambodian hair is different than most popular textures and one of the most expensive hairs besides Slavic and European.  It isn't silky and you really have to treat this hair like your own.  

☆☆When you get our hair extensions please co-wash before installing.

☆☆You will have some minimal shedding which is normal.  We carry double drawn hair only which means that the hair bundles are full and thick from root to the ends and that makes our prices a little more expensive but it is worth the investment. These can be sealed with a weft sealer if you prefer.

 ☆☆The extensions are natural dark brown/black.  They can be bleached and dyed but if you are not experienced please seek a professional.

☆☆ Approximately 3 to 3.4 oz. 100 grams.  For a full install we recommend 3 bundles from 16 inches to 20 inches and 4 to 5 bundles for longer lengths.  We only carry up to 26 inches, but we can get longer lengths.


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