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Hello everyone, so let's talk about sew in extensions versus clip ins.  Now before we get started let me tell you the difference between each of these types of extensions. 


Sew in extensions are bundles of hair that have been sewn by machine and either comes single or  double wefted and they can also come as hand tied extensions ( more on this later).  Clients would have their own hair braided in whatever braiding pattern their hair stylist chooses and then each bundle gets sewn in using thread for hair extensions and needle.  This can take between 2 hours or more depending on how long it takes to braid the hair and to sew each bundle.  Now this is the less expensive form of hair extensions you can get but the prices depend on the quality of the hair and where it's coming from.  At Krystina's Hair Boutique, we carry authentic European/ Slavic hair and Cambodian hair in raw and steam styled wavy and curly for our Cambodian hair.


Now let's talk about clip in extensions, okay so the clips are sewn into the weft so the customer can install on their own.  It is more expensive than the sew in extensions because it takes longer to sew each individual clip.  A lot of customers buy these so they can install on their own it and can take the hair clips out at night. You do not have to worry about lace grids showing or spending.  As long as your own hair matches the color and texture or at least similar to it, then it will look natural and flawless.  If you have very fine and thin hair we don't recommend this method because it can damage your hair.  It is not for  sleeping in,  If you do this please make sure the hair extensions are dry and use a satin bonnet at night.  Our lengths come  16 inch, 18 inch 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch 


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